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Building collapses, explodes in NY; 3 critically hurt
Responders were seen taking the injured away on stretchers.; at least 200 firefighters are on the scene
'I don't get it': Trying to understand 2 medic suicides
Mass. firefighter burned while searching home
Fire officials said they didn't believe the burns were serious; the fire is under investigation
Video: Students invent sound-wave device to put out fire
A local fire department is offering to test it on a structure fire
Tornadoes hit Okla., Ark.; 1 dead, several injured
Video: Firefighters rescue man impaled on security gate
The man, who was high on drugs, was cut free; the fence was still piercing his midsection when he was rushed to a hospital
Voters oust fire chief; write-in candidate takes over
Former Fla. firefighter suspected in arson string
Board reinstates R.I. firefighter's disability pension
They said he wasn't in violation of an ordinance that can mandate he see a doctor to determine if he was still injured
Fla. man high on bath salts slaps fire chief
Ohio firefighter dies after falling down elevator shaft
Quick take: How to create online media policies for providers
Quick take: Tips for developing a community paramedicine program
Firefighter burned when apartment roof collapses
The firefighter was transported to the hospital for treatment; he is expected to fully recover
Fire chief: Township may shut down fire department
Pregnant woman seriously hurt in crash with fire truck
Firefighter-medic hurt when car slams into ambulance
JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. — A firefighter-paramedic was injured when a car slammed into the ambulance as crews were about to transport a driver injured in a crash. Jackson County Fire and Rescue responded to a call on the interstate for a driver who lost control and collided with some trees. They loaded the patient into an ambulance and were about to drive away when a vehicle going around 75 miles ...
Colo. firefighters dodge flying bullets at brush fire
When crews arrived on scene, they couldn't immediately put out the fire because people were shooting in the area
NY marks 25th anniversary of club fire that killed 87
Indictment: Arsonist tried to burn down 46 buildings
Prosecutors alleged that the 24-year-old German national was "motivated by his rage against Americans"
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